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Vodka < Vodka > the history:
Fokelore is in 1812, it is arena with Russian severe winter, launched big fight of law of a Russia, the war is last with what brandy bottle sees an end law army flees Yu Fu adds endless Russia especially army and end. As we have learned, had discovered the trail of vodka when 12 centuries. And the account according to document, the origin of vodka has two kinds of views, it is to say to originate at Russia, it is to say to send source Yu Bolan first.
Of tsarist Russia times 1818, treasure lion vodka (Pierre Smirnoff Fils) brewery builds in Moscow, 1917, after October revolution, still be a household company, 1930, the recipe of vodka is taken the United States, also build in the United States removed treasure lion (Smirnoff) brewery, the wine precision that produces wine is very tall, with a kind in final process special charcoal filters, in an attempt to acquires vodka taste pure. The country that vodka is Russia and Poland wine, it is the spirited beverage with boreal Europe cold very popular country, “ vodka ” is former Soviet citizen the nickname to “ water ” .
The characteristic of vodka:
Vodka is with a variety of cereal (potato, corn) for raw material, with repeat distillation, the method that fine filters, beverage of a kind of when toxin and other foreign body contain in eliminate alcohol pure tall alcohol pH indicator. Vodka is colorless insipidity, without apparent character, but very life-giving. Vodka taste intense, interest is large pungent, besides mix with soft drinks make become dry clear, mix with spirited wine make become more besides intense, do not use without it. But contain impurity as a result of the place in wine few, mouthfeel is pure, and can mix with any chroma and other beverage drinkable, often be used at doing cocktail so base wine, is wine spent be in commonly 40? One 50? Between.
The brew method of vodka:
The traditional zymotechnics of vodka is it is raw material with potato or corn, barley, rye above all, give wine to spend the wine seminal fluid that is as high as 96 % with rectification law distill, make alcohol current classics fills the container that has a large number of charcoal again, with the impurity in adsorptive wine fluid (fluid of every 10 litres of distill uses 1.5 kilogram charcoal to filter to be not gotten continuously little at 8 hours, should change at least after 40 hours the charcoal of 10 % ) , spend 40-50 % to wine with distilled water dilute finally and become. This wine need not old wine can sell, drinkable, also have a few be like sweet model vodka is after dilute even via stringing together popular program, make its have balmy taste. Vodka and golden wine are the spirited beverage of the tall wine precision that is raw material with cereal euqally, and do not want store old. But compare with golden wine photograph, vodka dry clear, without exciting flavour, and golden wine has powerful Du Song child flavour.
Russia vodka:
Russia vodka is raw material with barley at first, convert gradually later amyloid potato and corn, production wine wines with dregs and distillation former wine does not have special place, it is the former alcoholic drink that when filtering, gets rectification only, activated carbon of infuse white birch filters in groove, via filtering adagio program, make rectification fluid and activated carbon element sufficient contact and purify, the oil that contains the place in all former wine kind, acerbity kind, aldehyde kind, ester kind reach other microelement eliminate, get very pure vodka. Russia vodka juice is transparent, divide wine sweet outside, have other sweet smell hardly, taste fierce intense, strong favorable opposition is nose, igneous popularly is exciting, its name tastes have: Wave person vodka (Bolskaya) , Russia red shop sign (Stolichnaya) , Russia green card (Mosrovskaya) , citric that inferior (Limonnaya) ; This kilocalorie (Starka) , Luo Fu blocks Zhu Bo (Zubrovka) , Russian card inferior (Kusskaya) , Gelierka (Gorilka) .
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