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Whisky (Whisky) story:
The origin of whisky says also is an accident - mediaeval alchemist people in refine gold while, fortuitous discovery makes the technology of distillation wine,
It is OK to plant this plant this subsequently the wine flavour of coruscate passion names the water that is Aqua-Vitae (life) with Latin. Spread everywhere to European each district as distillation technology, aquaViate is become by interpret each district language, its mean distillation wine.
The water flounder of life waves ocean crosses ocean current to be passed to Guaierlan, after the wheat wine distill place, production gives intense wine sex drink, and will say for Visge-beatha,
This is accepted the origin that is whisky, also be the origin of the name.
The wine of whisky makes:
The wine of whisky is made is will classy barley dip Yu Shuizhong, make its gemmiparous, reoccupy charcoal smoke its drying, via fermenting, distillation, old wine and into. Cheng of lay aside Chen Guo is least 3 years, also many come 15 years of above. The expert that make wine thinks: Inferior wine is age again long also won't ameliorate, so, via the former whisky that 2 times distillation filters, after must deciding qualification via brew division ancient bronze mirror, ability can put wine chamfer, store up in bucket of oak of infuse carbon black brew. Because the component of oak itself is reached,enter the air inside the bucket through oak bucket, meeting and whisky produce effect, make the feculent content in wine is able to clarify, taste more alcoholization, produce unique wine fragrance, and meet make wine catchs the color like caramel. All whisky have same feature: Take delicate nicotian taste slightly. Most whisky is when distillation, alcohol purity is as high as 140~180proof, the dilute when bottle comes 80~86proof at this moment the age action of wine disappeared naturally, also won't make the quality of wine is changed somewhat because of the accident of time.
Come hundreds of years, whisky uses malt brew mostly. Till just was born 1831,use corn, oaten the whisky that waits for other corn place to make. Arrived 1860, the brew of whisky appeared again a new turning point, people learned to come with impure law brew whisky, the distinction that so whisky makes a method because of raw material differs and be being brewed can be divided for Mai Wei of malt whisky, cereal whisky, food crops whisky, Ke person avoid is mixed mixture whisky 5 kinds big. The occurrence of whisky of impure law brew makes the whisky of world each country familial expand more, a lot of countries and area have the brewery that produces whisky, manufacturing whiskey is more phyletic all ready, pattern is various, the famousest providing representative whisky most is Scotland whisky, Ireland whisky, United States whisky and Canadian whisky respectively 4 kinds big.
The classification of whisky:
Whisky is with malt or cereal is raw material, classics saccharify, after fermenting, undertake distillation again, appear in what undertake maturation makes in oak bucket finally amber,
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