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Japanese clear wine

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Japanese clear wine, because its raw material is pure,arrive to use rice and water only, can produce a your person hard the good taste of dismiss from one's mind, so somebody describes it: With the mysterious liquid of rice make it. And because of public feelings of clime of Japanese each district different, and fall in the influence of long-term history, japanese clear wine also makes the wine of a kind of delegate that has local distinguishing feature greatly accordingly, so it call it 〕 of 〔 ground wine.
The rice that place of brew clear wine uses, it is the one big key of character of clear wine of be decided by, generally speaking, optimal brew rice is indispensible accord with 〔 grain of rice protein of big 〕 , 〔 is adipose big 〕 of heart of rice of little 〕 , 〔 , 〔 is bibulous the condition such as rate good 〕 . For example: Hillside plot bright and beautiful, beautiful Shan Jin, it is very famous wine rice. And water quality is represent for first-rate with Gong Shui. So called Gong Shui, namely on the west the abbreviation of the water of palace, this is Japan on the west palace area ability some water. If build the water that wine uses to compare with Gongshui and other, it contains Gong Shui the indispensable phosphor when a lot of fermenting and Potassium, iron of pair of the worst when fermenting are qualitative reach organic material criterion content is very low, it is hard water of the optimal when brew, also be one of 100 names water of Japan. So, want to have clear alcoholic drink of a bottle of highest grade, indispensible have good water, good rice, and the abstruse place that this also is Japanese clear wine.
The grade of Japanese clear wine:
Clear wine differs from what make the raw material that make and pitch of rice of essence of life, can distinguish a different grade, from legend we can see old song is brewed is clear wine in, the wine with highest grade, because it is in the process of rice of essence of life, purify is dropped what go against brew at most is adipose reach protein, stay only contain a lot ofamylaceous rice heart part, the taste that so old song makes is most faint scent, also be most let a person gasp in admiration.
Light is the natural enemy of clear wine:
The saves wine method that knows commonly nothing more than temperature and humidity, and of clear wine save what should notice the light more to block the effect, because radial illuminate is the natural enemy of clear wine, clear wine not only fear the illuminate of sunshine, pass to fluorescent lamp illuminate very long can make vinosity produces change. If clear wine is lasted by fluorescent lamp illuminate 2~3 hour, not only naked eye changes with respect to what can see vinosity color, still can send out even sometimes the special stink of smelly 〞 of alleged 〝 sunlight.
To prevent radial illuminate, affect the character of clear wine and taste, purchased clear wine is best can protect existence sunlight cannot the place that illuminate reachs. The common bottle on market, design the sunshade effect such as puce or green green mostly relatively the color of beautiful, its purpose avoids the harm that the light causes to clear wine namely.
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