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Musical instrument wine

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Martini) best substitute.
2 ﹞of ﹝ wine of London musical instrument:
With malt reach food crops to be raw material, main product has not sweet musical instrument wine and ﹞of Old Tom Gin of ﹝ of Laoshang Mu wine, latter has sweet taste.
3 ﹞of ﹝ wine of Si Qin of the cogongrass in general:
As similar as wine of London musical instrument, alone its fragrance is distinct.
4 ﹞of ﹝ wine of American musical instrument:
Its product is divided into 2 class, the person that bottom has outstanding D word, express distillation and become, the person that have R word expresses ﹞of rectification ﹝ Rectifier
And into.
5 ﹞of ﹝ wine of British musical instrument:
Of England and wine of American musical instrument different depend on two main factors, the wine precision after be distill of wine of British musical instrument is inferior, reason retains more cereal character although distillation wine precision is low, but the alcohol of bottle spends taller however ﹞; 2 for water quality, of course, the water quality of England and United States is different, the firewater that affects fermented glutinous rice and distill naturally is characteristic.
Musical instrument wine white currant prevents arthritis:
1. puts a jin of white currant of half into dry container.
Wine of London musical instrument or wine of musical instrument of Jin Pusen London pour 2. general Gelinnuo, until enclothe all white currant till.
3. sets time of 7 days about, make wine of musical instrument of white grape able person complete absorb.
(Container does not need to build, in the process can agitate, in order to quicken the absorption of musical instrument wine)
4. will immersed " white currant of musical instrument wine " put into the containers esp. for use in the house that has a lid to save.
※ edible method: Eat 9 everyday " white currant of musical instrument wine " , also can mix salad an edible.
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