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Musical instrument wine

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MARTINI) the substitute with best wine.
Musical instrument wine need not age, his delicate come by a variety of flavor distill, there is some of musical instrument cocktail party in the United States nevertheless age period of time, age hind can make weak golden scene, call GOLDEN
GIN, although age already over- , but do not make clear on brand. If be the flaxen musical instrument wine that Holand makes, it is the look that catchs with caramel. Most gay getting a person musical instrument wine is cocktail, it is Martin the Buddhist nun is cocktail, nevertheless it is a kind in recipe of cocktail of wine of about a hundred kinds of musical instrument only.
The sort of musical instrument wine
Of musical instrument wine distinctive the recipe that place of sweet 吷 each brewery uses and different. Brand of musical instrument wine, sort is very much, it is with producing the ground to be able to divide:
One ﹞of ﹝ wine of Holand musical instrument:
Main yield the area is centered in Sixidan (Schiedam) one belt, the country that is Dutch wine.
Wine of gold of type of carry on one's shoulder is wait with barley bud and rye for main raw material, match with Du Song child enzymatic to move sweet data, classics the cereal former wine that the distill after fermenting acquires 3 times, join Du Song next child flavor again distillation, the alcoholic drink that gets rectification finally, keep in storage matures at its are being waited for in vitreous chamfer, when packing again attenuant bottle. Colour and lustre of wine of gold of type of carry on one's shoulder is transparent and crystal, wine fragrance is outstanding, flavor flavour dense, hot in the belt is sweet, the color is distinctive. No matter be pure drink or add ice very tastily, wine is spent control for 52 degrees. Because fragrance is overweight, wine of gold of type of carry on one's shoulder is only comfortable Yu Chun drink, should not be of mixture wine base wine, can destroy the balance fragrance of burden otherwise.
Wine of gold of type of carry on one's shoulder is before bottle cannot keep in storage is too long, lest prevent pine nut oxidizes and make flavour becomes bitter. And bottle hind can be saved for long and do not reduce quality. Golden wine often installs type of carry on one's shoulder to sell in bottle of chief body pottery and porcelain. New alcoholic drink calls Jonge, old wine calls Oulde, old old wine calls ZeetOulde. Famouser wine card has: Hengkesi (Henkes) , Boersi (Bols) , Bokema (Bokma) , Bangsima. (Bomsma) , slope of the bank that breath out a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument (Hasekamp) .
The drink law of wine of gold of type of carry on one's shoulder is more also, in east Indian archipelago popularity is in drinkable before the essence that use suffering (Bitter) wash cup, next wine of infuse Holand gold, big fast drink, delighted dripping wet, have appetizing effect, after drink again drink puts water on the ice one cup, more beautiful deeply character. Wine of gold of type of carry on one's shoulder adds ice cube, match again with a lemon, it is Buddhist nun of day of dry horse of world name drink (Dry
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