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Musical instrument wine

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Of musical instrument wine idiosyncratic:
Musical instrument wine is close hundred years come when modulation is cocktail most often use base wine, its recipe amounts to 1000 kinds of above, it is cocktail that reason has alcoholic drink of “ musical instrument
Of heart ” say.
The wine of musical instrument wine makes:
﹞of Gin of ﹝ of musical instrument wine is fastened in order to add prevent the wine fluid distill of pine nut and other flavor or again the colorless firewater of distillation. If musical instrument wine distinguishs with brew method, plan have two kinds, it is ” of wine of “ distill musical instrument, it is ” of wine of “ integrated musical instrument.
Musical instrument wine basically has the following variety:
Wine of musical instrument of weak put oneself in another's position of · Dan Tiqin wine, what use the earliest is the manufacturer near London, they imprint on bottle autograph have LONDON DRY
GIN, but now the business making wine of the United States or other country, also use from the back two English word. All musical instrument wine on market, used this DRY word, have on bottle autograph writing DRY CIN, EXTRA DRY GIN, VERY DRY GIN, LONDON DRY GIN to wait is a property in fact, explain this kind of wine is not sweet, do not take former taste.
Si Qin wine divides · Piao Limao outside wine of London musical instrument, british Piao Lisi also gives musical instrument wine, it compares wine of London musical instrument, qualitative thicker, fragrance is heavier.
Wine of musical instrument of · Laoshang Mu
Laoshang Mu is London those who make is sweet musical instrument wine, several close the fokelore at this wine. Among them with Sir Jinlusi (LORDKINROSS) in the account in his book more logical. He believes Laoshang Mu is formerly flower governmental spy, he leased a building in London, the fascia that urged a feline form will sell wine, have two pipe connective his house. When the pedestrian wants to buy wine, but money by above lose inside the thick canal in feline mouth go in, in the mouth and mumble, next he pours wine to come out by the canaliculus below, bought person is drunk to pipe, this also may be to be peddled automatically buy the ancestor of machine.
Wine of musical instrument of United States of wine of musical instrument of · United States (AMERICAN GIN) differ a little with wine of London musical instrument, but these two kinds of wine, but the mixture beverage with very good consummate.
Wine of musical instrument of Holand of wine of · Holand musical instrument (HOLLAND) or (DUTCH
GIN) flavour is the belt in Song sweet, no matter be to drink pure or add ice cube, very tastily. It basically is made with barley bud, its taste is to come from Du Song berry. Holand is the state that has the monopolistic public house that take wine exclusively, it has been put on the ice or add ice cube, add a lemon again, it is hot Martin Buddhist nun (DRY
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