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Musical instrument wine

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Musical instrument wine (GIN) , call “ gold wine ” or “ geneva ” again, it is the firewater that the mankind builds the first kind for special aim place, the birthplace of musical instrument wine is in Holand, its traceable 1660, it is by a Dutch the university teachs Xi Erbi first most this (Sylvius) be invented, its purpose is to let Dutch precaution contract intertropical sex disease, it is to serve as the drug of diuresis, clear heat to use at first. Before long people discovers harmony of aroma of this kind of diuretic, taste style of harmonious, alcohol and Wen Ya, wine is clean, have the natural color of clean, bright, be regarded as formal alcoholic beverage very quickly by people drinkable. The Du Song that the happy person aroma of musical instrument wine basically comes from an action of advantageous make water child. Prevent the addition of pine nut has a lot of planting, it is commonly wrap its in gauze, hang in alembic to export place. When evaporate wine, its flavour is strung together in wine, or Du Song child dip in the alcohol at absolutely neutral, one week later farewell sheds answer evaporate, its flavour evaporate in wine. It is OK to be returned sometimes Du Song child crunch becomes flake state, in joining brew raw material, undertake saccharification, ferment, distillation, in order to get its taste. Some countries and brewery cooperate other flavor to make the wine that make musical instrument, be like Sui child, round cardamom, licorice, orange peel. And accurate recipe, manufacturer is very confidential all along.
Later, pass into the United States, be gotten on in cocktail modulation by many use. Present musical instrument wine, basically be it is raw material with cereal, course saccharify, ferment, after distillation becomes high alcohol, join prevent the raw material such as pine nut, citric skin, Chinese cassia tree, undertake quadratic distill again, form musical instrument wine namely.
In cocktail wine chart, the use amount of musical instrument wine is exceedingly large, a few famous cocktail, component cannot leave musical instrument alcoholic drink mostly, for example: 〕 of the world's famous 〔 horse Ding Ni is. And in musical instrument wine because contain the Du Song of high component child, so, in recent years Taiwan also white currant of bubble of Hang Yiqin wine comes to ten billabong precautionary arthritis, the effect is allegedly first-rate.
The recipe of musical instrument wine is made in England, it is to use the corn of 75% , the barley bud of 15% , other cereal of 10% , mash next, heat, ferment, with make whisky about the same, successive alembic comes to the cereal juice reoccupy after fermenting completely distillation, the wine that distillation gives is contained 180 to 188 alcohol purity (PROOF) adding distilled water, reduce 120. Add spice in alembic of musical instrument wine next again evaporate. Get the means of wine flavour by distillation, it is a kind of art of the wine that make musical instrument, the musical instrument wine with all sorts of different flavour, also be the relation as a result of its material sort and composition.
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