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Brandy ﹝ Brandy ﹞is by fruity juice, pulp or residual ferment, distillation and mix and become, to retain its gust, scent and character, distillation alcohol is spent under 95% . Circulate in French place a such adage: The boy drinks red wine, the man is drunk run special (Port) , want to become a hero, drink brandy. Down to of people grant brandy is tall paramount place, the is a hero wine that say. One word divides brandy of narrow sense and broad sense say, tell from broad sense, all ferment for raw material with the fruit distillation and become wine calls brandy, for example applejack, but had been used to a bishop to be mixed through distillation now the between old wine when be being put in the course in cask to comparative and become wine, call brandy. Brandy normally ” of soul of means “ vinous.
The birth of brandy:
People discovers brandy inadvertently. At the beginning of 18 centuries, cha Luntai river of France (Charente) dock goes to the lavatory because of traffic, make wine kind the commercial port of exit. The space that occupies a boat as a result of bishop of entire at that time case is very large, then the French recalled the way of double evaporate, portion of water of take out vinous, raise vinous purity, decrease take up space and facilitate carry, this is inchoate brandy. 1701, French be involved in Spanish war, brandy market is decreased greatly, wine is by stockpile inside oak bucket. After the war ends, people disclosure lay aside old the brandy inside oak bucket, vinosity is mellower, scent is thicker, and still have glittering and translucent amber, accordingly, lay aside of Chen He of lay aside of the cask that use oak old fixed number of year is become make the important segment that makes brandy.
The name of brandy:
Brandy, the origin of this one name is evolve from Dutch Brandewijn and come, the Brande before this one word is flaming meaning, after that the Wijn of the face is to point to bishop, the combustion that says here is to point to namely heat distillation, reason Brande can say is try bishop distillation and become wine, change becomes English, become Brandy namely.   
So, according to such view, so called brandy, should be to point to a grape to ferment originally again distillation and become wine, but be like broad sense for, the wine that fructification passes 酦 ferment distill and always becomes, all but reduce brandy. Because this action every is produced,have grape and fruity area, can produce brandy.
The wine of brandy makes:
A kind of any bishop can distillation becomes brandy, however, brew the brandy that make with white grape place, more pleasing, almost the whole world makes brandy with it. Even if good wine, if time is too long, what place production comes out still is cheap brandy. Generally speaking, the distillation wine precision of tower type alembic is adjacent
﹞of 85% ﹝ 170 Proof, if exceed 85 % , must be being made clear is Neutral of ﹝ of ” of “ colorless brandy
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