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Wine food fair opened yesterday in Lanzhou

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20 morning, by the Bureau of Commerce of Lanzhou, Lanzhou Chamber of Commerce, the city of Lanzhou alcoholic wine with the Authority and the Association jointly held the "2010 China, Lanzhou wine food Fair" International Exhibition Center in Gansu Province held as scheduled. The scale of this show, many exhibitors were the industry and consumer recognition and praise.
This reporter saw the 2 million square meters of exhibition hall exhibitors come to the exhibition will not only wine Gansu Wong Toi, Tsingtao Brewery (Gansu) Land Reclamation Co., Ltd., Gansu Riverside Food Industry (Group) Company, gold emblem of wine industry, Gansu Mogao Industrial, Gansu province and a number of days of well-known side of yogurt business, as well as from Jinan, Sichuan, Guiyang, Chongqing, Fujian, Shaanxi provinces and cities around the country more than 500 famous food, ethnic food, agricultural products processing products, exhibitors, show a total of 1 million pieces of various types of commodities on display.

The exhibition is sponsored by Shaanxi Xufeng exhibition companies and contractors in Lanzhou Houde Culture Company, the success of the operation draws on the experience of Xi'an rum. Show collection display, communication, sales, show the scale and greatly enhanced the level of the exchange is not only a business event, it is a purchase of consumer benefits initiatives. Exhibition will expand domestic demand, stimulate consumption, and promote regional cooperation plays a positive role, the first time in Lanzhou.

According to the organizing committee in charge, with this rum Garment Fair held over the same period, brought together more than a thousand species of domestic and boutique apparel, fashion cashmere clothing, famous fur and a variety of textile products. In addition to ultra-cheap merchandise discount, the business also launched a feature none other activities, can be said that the exhibition became the "food, clothing, and be merry" as one of the major shopping event can be considered in Lanzhou, a major highlight of this year's consumption.

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