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The 5th China (Shandong) famous brand food reveals Fair and group of special pur

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Exhibit meeting name: The 5th China (Shandong) famous brand food reveals Fair and group of special purchases for the Spring Festival of Wei lane high-quality goods to buy can run a country: Chinese mainland ginseng extends date: 2008-12-27~2008-12-30 signs up end: 2008-12-20 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: International of Fuhua of lane of Shandong province Wei exhibits a center to approve an unit: Sponsor an unit: Government of people of Wei lane city
Office of industry of Shandong province food undertakes unit: Office of industry of food of Wei lane city
Wei lane Fu Hua can exhibit service company to support assist run an unit: Supervisory bureau of mass of Wei lane city
Industrial and commercial bureau of Wei lane city
Health bureau of Wei lane city
Chinese group is bought online
Special assist run an unit: China International collects association
Beijing Long Huafei jumps trade limited company

Postpone meeting brief introduction [extend meeting theme] modern life, safe life, economic life, enjoy the life
[exhibit meeting tenet] induct characteristic product, reveal modern consumption, regression native land culture, build festal atmosphere
[exhibit meeting organization] :
1, company of governmental orgnaization, guild, professional exhibition is strong strong together, resource is shared, pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, current exhibit can make become “ characteristic to change, dimensions is changed, the festal grand meeting that the brand turns area of north of ” , base oneself upon!
2, professional exhibition origanization construction and media combination do exhibit, integrated special purchases for the Spring Festival exhibits meeting resource. The city below division of group of trade of cable of limited company of trade of leap of Beijing dragon China, masses believes association of collector of newspaper, China International strong strong alliance, be exhibited greatly and Xiaozhan, resource conformity, make the northward festival grand meeting of high standards, influential force jointly;
3, exhibit the government participates in an organization during the meeting unit of 300 government organizations, large and medium-sized enterprise or business the large group that the unit participates in jointly is bought meeting, item on display pledges the scene of brand food company with excellent quantity is recommended, offer purchase space, convenient buyers and sellers negotiates. Exhibit exceed for business during the meeting, hotel, the enterprise is offerred purchase area. Government office of king of the Oriental big public house of the Fu Hua big public house that invites 5 stars class mainly, 4 stars class, sea, medium 100, beautiful happy home, Woerma, silver-colored a store, benefit group, building of peaceful China, general merchandise, 10 thousand, the buying order such as agency, exhibit to join business and purchase business to build face-to-face trade platform;
4, province food guild invites the key enterprise of famous food testing instrument to hold Shandong to save food industry to develop forum, discuss food industry to develop new trend;
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