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The 4th 2009 China (Shanghai) international bishop exposition

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Exhibit meeting name: The 4th 2009 China (Shanghai) international bishop exposition runs a country: Chinese mainland ginseng extends date: 2009-3-12~2009-3-14 signs up end: 2009-1-30 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: Store of Shanghai world trade approves an unit: Business affairs of trade of the classics outside Shanghai of world rich group exhibits limited company to sponsor an unit: Business affairs of trade of the classics outside Shanghai of world rich group shows limited company
International grape and bishop are organized
Fund of world peace charity always is met
Association of bishop of Lanzhou of Austrian rich root
Shanghai wine kind monopolistic management board
Guild of commerce of tea of wine of Shanghai candy tobacco
Society of Shanghai brew major undertakes unit: Exhibition of Shanghai rich sea shows limited company
Culture of boreal capital modern times develops a center
Shanghai Cong Yiwen turns artistic limited company
Store of Shanghai world trade
Support assist run an unit: Shanghai Dixun culture transmits limited company
Shanghai achieves international exhibition newly to show limited company
Shanghai of world rich group overcomes international to carry limited company according to admire
Line of business of wine of international of Shanghai auspicious horse limited company
Exhibit meeting brief introduction to exhibit limited company to sponsor by business affairs of trade of the classics outside Shanghai of world rich group, shanghai wine kind the 4th China that monopolistic management board is grape of supportive unit, international and bishop organization to pay close attention to highly (Shanghai) international bishop exposition will in March 2009 12—14 day is in Shanghai world trade store is held. This is continuance 3 do satisfactorily after exhibiting, be in China (Shanghai) hold again the whole world is professional bishop grand meeting.
Current, 2009 China (Shanghai) of international bishop exposition
Each job already was begun in the round, before global numerous wine business expresses to wish of purpose, will join exhibit, will add brew equipment technology 9 years to exhibit at the same time appear at exposition, this is having the opportunity that extends a product adequately to all trades and professions of bishop domain. Also be to be in China to reveal ego, seek the commercial partner, good platform that enlarges market sale channel. We welcome the bishop manufacturer of world each district and all circles friend ardently to come to China, with us together side-by-side hand in hand, for promotional friendship, strengthen association, development business chance, develop bishop commerce market and joint efforts.
Invite you sincerely to carry the excellent vintage of expensive department and bishop product, walk into 2009 China (Shanghai) international bishop exposition, we will provide excellent service for you wholeheartedly. Believe you are in Shanghai the travel of world trade is met certainly valuable, have results!
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