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Exhibition of 2009 international food / safe provision is exhibited / green food

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Exhibit meeting name: Exhibition of 2009 international food / safe provision exhibits / green food exhibits / 2009 food exhibit can run a country: Chinese mainland ginseng extends date: 2009-3-19~2009-3-21 signs up end: 2009-3-10 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: Guangzhou gymnasium can exhibit a center (south white cloud highway 783) approval unit: Sponsor an unit: Guangdong of association of communication of international of Chinese nutrition industry saves health food guild to undertake unit: Limited company of service of exhibition of 100 million sail supports Guangzhou city assist run an unit: Sweet be proud dragon exhibits Xinjiang of association of food of company Taiwan health to share attestation to consult limited company
Exhibiting property of nutrition of meeting brief introduction is sunny industry, involve medicine of agriculture, food, light industrial, chemical industry, health care to taste reach cosmetic convention trade, and get national policy give aid to. When average per capita of a country according to international experience GDP is in 1000 - between 3000 dollars, people can begin to pay attention to problem of oneself nutrition health, at the same time nutrient industry also can grow quickly. GDP of our country average per capita was 1730 dollars 2008, this means industry of our country nutrition to will enter fast dilate period, will provide huge market for nutrient estate development. As a result of our country enterprise own innovation ability rises ceaselessly, nutrient health care tastes content of science and technology taller and taller, form own intellectual property and well-known trademark. Guangzhou is Chinese economy, commerce and financial center, banner effect is having in countrywide socioeconomy development, be close to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, southeast Asia at the same time, have ability of radiate of extremely strong economy and advantageous situation, through CINHOE2008 we accumulated many experience, will increase action business and propagandist strength further, expand exhibit meeting influence to abound content of item on display, exhibit can do specialization, the industry distinguished gathering of internationalization, we expect your participation, the happiness that lets us start nutrient industry in all hand in hand tomorrow!
Toward review:
CINHOE is bred meticulously through 5, support energetically in what broad ginseng exhibits business and industry colleague below, obtain great progress. Become the public figure inside course of study the biggest, person enrages dimensions of industry of nutrition of accepted whole nation most the professional grand meeting with flourishing, best effect; Have well-known company culmination of card, LIFE-FLOHEALTHCAREPRODUCTSCORP, NUSKIN, GENSCRIPT, MERTEK, AXimedAs, Taiwan gives birth to Buddhist nun of Po of silent of Po of hall of chelonian of turtle of little Lin Baojian, Japan, United States biochemistry of quick result of content, Taiwan, Taiwan is wide silver of hall of colleague of benefit, Beijing, Shandong. , limited company of company of conspicuous of LTD, GoldenHopeFood&BeveragesSdnBhd, advance attend, accumulative total exhibits an area 65000m2, accumulative total ginseng exhibits many 25000 manufacturer, accumulative total visits a number to amount to 250 thousand person-time.
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