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Net of Chinese sugar spirits fair of food of the 8th China and purchase Fair

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Exhibit meeting name: Fair of food of the 8th China and purchase Fair (in November 2008 13 run a country: Chinese mainland ginseng extends date: 2008-11-13~2008-11-17 signs up end: 2008-11-1 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: Nanjing international exhibits a center to approve an unit: Sponsor an unit: Limited company of exhibition of Nanjing new century undertakes unit: Support assist run an unit:
Exhibiting Nanjing of meeting brief introduction to regard countrywide economy, science and technology, culture as big province is the provincial capital town that Jiangsu visits, position of her distinctive economy, trade, prosperous market, the traffic that develop, to the circumjacent province such as Shandong, Anhui, Zhejiang city has driving radiate and belt to move action.
Fair of “ China food and purchasing Fair ” is Huadongde the area is annual food industry distinguished gathering, it is one aims to help nonlocal food company develop Hua Dong the market, breed a brand, enhance product competition ability, help each district of whole nation of look for of company of food of Hua Dong area purchase agency, the efficient communication platform that the food that promote our region product to the whole nation then and builds produces enterprise and food to purchase agency commerce to negotiate. “ fair of food of the 8th China and purchase Fair ” will on November 13, 2008 —17 day is in center of Nanjing international exhibition to hold. Current exhibit meeting will still collect negotiates order goods, the product is revealed, information communication at an organic whole, continue to invite domestic and international food extensively to produce enterprise, supplier, before purchasing agency, will join exhibit, look around, wait for a variety of means to be able to undertake all-around integrated conduct propaganda to exhibiting through TV, newspaper, network, make exhibit can become already ginseng exhibit an enterprise to extend the market, optimal opportunity that seeks project cooperation, also become a help to purchase agency to widen purchase channel, rise purchase efficiency, reduce the optimal way that purchases cost.

Ginseng extend range all sorts of wine, beverage, tea, coffee; All sorts of names actor or actress especially new provision, convenient nutrition food, quick frozen food, health food, reduce weight roasted seeds and nuts of food of product of egg of birds of oily food of kind of food, green food, food, flesh, aquatic product, bake, dairy produce, dried fruit, recreational food, pet food, produce; Yuan Fucai of of all kinds dressing, food makings, additive agent for food; Food treatment, package machine, food store, facility for transporting and container, material.
Rate international standard exhibits a 9M2(3M×3M) : Common area 3200 yuan / , company of T area home 3600 yuan / , two sides mouth all is added receive 600 yuan; Enterprise of T area abroad 800 dollars / ; 6M2(2M×3M) : Common area 3000 yuan / , company of T area home 3300 yuan / ; 8M2(2M×4M) : Common area 3400 yuan / , company of T area home 3800 yuan / ; 3M2(1M×3M) : Common area 2000 yuan / .
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