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2009 China (Shanghai) production technology of international beer, beverage and

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Exhibit meeting name: 2009 China (Shanghai) production technology of international beer, beverage and equipment exposition run a country: Chinese mainland ginseng extends date: 2009-3-10~2009-3-14 signs up end: 2009-3-1 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: Store of Shanghai world trade (road 2299) approves Yan'an on the west unit: Sponsor an unit: Business affairs of trade of the classics outside Shanghai of world rich group shows limited company
China external association of economic company cooperation undertakes unit: Exhibition of Shanghai rich sea shows limited company
Shanghai Cong Yiwen turns artistic limited company
Support assist run an unit:
Exhibit Shanghai of meeting brief introduction, have the area of vigor most as center of the most important finance of Chinese economy trade and China, its significant strategy position reachs economic radiant emitance, good commerce and investment climate, mighty economic purchasing power, make Shanghai becomes China's most significant beer drink consumption and promotion city without doubt.                                             
“2009 China (Shanghai) production technology of international beer, beverage and equipment exhibition ” show entire program of production of newest beer, beverage and treatment, reveal include machinery and installation service, operation equipment, measure reach automation to control equipment, resource and environmental protection equipment, raw material, complementary makings, add auxiliary to wait. Reveal except the most advanced equipment, technology, professional seminar of Gao Shuiping also is the reason that draws the public figure inside numerous course of study. The seminar invited manufacturer of machine of beer of China and foreign countries, beverage and orgnaization of famous scientific research to come round to make a speech, discuss future of industry of beer, beverage to develop trend and enterprise to answer market strategy to wait for a problem, develop brand-new concept for company scientific research and development.
Current personnel of industry of the professional beer that exhibits meeting general to invite world each country, beverage, “ ” of ” of ” of the 3 ” that get benefit, “ Yan Jing, “ Li Bo, “ Qingdao ” , “ Hua Run, “ 100 power ” of Jia Shibai of ” of ” of raw power of ” , “ , “ Pearl River, “ Venus ” , “ . “2009 China (Shanghai) production technology of international beer, beverage and equipment exhibition ” offer direct contact to have the superexcellent opportunity that reachs potential client to the supplier, creat a capacious business affairs platform.  

Ginseng exhibit limits ► Beer processing technique and equipment kind pull coal tub product line, Mai Zhisheng beer product line, easily to produce equipment and concerned installation service, blame equipment of facilities of alcoholic beverage production and concerned installation service, miniature beer and concerned installation service, bottle, pot is rinsing equipment, big batch is packed;
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