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The 2nd Henan visits 10 thousand villages project of 1000 country market is purc

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Exhibit meeting name: The 2nd Henan visits 10 thousand villages project of 1000 country market purchases order goods the announcement of the meeting runs a country: Chinese mainland ginseng extends date: 2008-11-21~2008-11-23 signs up end: 2008-11-15 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: Central Plains international exhibits a center to approve an unit: Henan saves business affairs hall to sponsor an unit: Henan visits business affairs office
China International commerce promotes committee Henan to save branch
Undertake unit: Support assist run an unit:
Postpone meeting brief introduction one, program arrangement: On November 21, 2008 ——23 day
1, exhibited business into house cloth to 20 days of ginseng on November 19
2, negotiated into the house to 23 days of travelling merchant on November 21, order goods;
3, on November 23 afternoon 14: 00 remove exhibit;

Ginseng extend range 2, ginseng extend range:
1, food dressing kind: Flesh of food of green food, health food, organic food, convenient food, nourishment, children, aquatic product, cold fresh food, quick frozen food, birds makes category, traditional food, characteristic food wait; Soy, feed vinegar, gourmet powder, candy, salt, cooking wine, balm; The flavoring such as essence of makings of sauce goods, soup, chicken, essence, pigment;
2, wine water beverage kind: Beverage of other of beverage of beverage of wine of liquor, beer, bishop, foreign wine, former wine, yellow rice or millet wine, health care, carbonic acid, function beverage, tea beverage, natural mineral water, fruit juice, tea with milk;
3, grain is oily kind: Oil of rice, flour, vegetable and treatment abstract technical equipment;
4, the flesh makes category: Flesh of cold fresh pork, ham, flocks and herds, fowl and treatment machinery equipment;
6, food technology and enginery: The treatment of vegetable of food production technology, brewing technique, fruit, material that pack and bag furnish have, the flesh kind food machines machinery, milkings machines machinery to wait;
Rate notes: Install especially exhibit apply for ahead of schedule please, by join the proper motion that postpone business to the design is built or entrust department of organizing committee engineering to build
Exhibit meeting site activity
Contact data contact: Name of Yang Ze company: Country or area: China saves / city: Henan city: Zhengzhou contacts an address: Hai Donglu of Zhengzhou city Gansu postcode of 303 2501/02 room: Secure a phone: 0371—66388808 fax: Mobile telephone: 13838278294 email: Network address:

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