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The 3rd 2008 China (Chongqing) poineering investment interlinks project expositi

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Exhibit meeting name: The 3rd 2008 China (Chongqing) exposition of project of poineering investment chain runs a country: Chinese mainland ginseng extends date: 2008-12-5~2008-12-8 signs up end: 2008-11-20 ginseng exhibits the ground (the) that exhibit a house: Chongqing exhibits a center (Chen Jiaping) approval unit: Sponsor an unit: Bureau of Chongqing medium and small businesses
Bureau of Chongqing intellectual property undertakes unit: Support assist run an unit:
Exhibit meeting brief introduction to achieve rich to be able to review: Course of the meeting that achieve gain is successive 2 success is held, already became western area scale is the largest, normative rate is top, influence range is the widest exhibit meeting, should exhibit can reach professional conference to exhibit an orgnaization by governmental function branch, strong media strong strong together, professional audience accumulative total breaks through 70 thousand person-time, was the dilate of company low cost that has new project, new technology to develop new growth approach not only, also be broad the person that annals does poineering work searched business chance.

The 2nd meeting that achieve gain is in Chongqing city of bureau of medium and small businesses and Chongqing city intellectual property bureau already succeeded below support energetically conclude, 305 when increase to the 2nd on the foundation that postpones a business in first 255 ginseng; The item that offers alternative of the person that do poineering work also increased of 25% , especially individual intellectual property this, ginseng exhibited enterprise and individual to increase 45% , clinch a deal the forehead increased 23% . The meeting that achieve gain attracts 5.55 billion capital to enter from first, to the 2nd 7.7 billion capital, civilian individual invested capital to increase many yuan 300 than first, among them the most a large amount of individual investment fund is amounted to 2 million. Discharge of professional audience person makes an appointment with 35 thousand more than person-time. Other basis statistic of organizing committee questionnaire reachs, exhibit in this on the meeting, the project with the investment small doorsill such as product of articles for use of adornment of building of hairdressing of electric equipment of meal food, small-sized electron, car, characteristic, household, new-style characteristic suffers individual investor to look at in person, and those who invest orgnaization attention is the respect such as the high-tech method with market old space, biology, chemical industry and estate.

According to the statistic after the meeting, in exhibit what reach during the meeting is intentional achieve pitch an agreement aggregate more than about 8000, about 4 people have individual and one ginseng to exhibit an enterprise to reach intent agreement, involve capital to make an appointment with 1.3 billion yuan.

The 3rd meeting that achieve gain looks into: Current exhibit an area to will expand the 13000 square metre, professional audience that realizes 100 thousand person-time is measured, we make bend force the meeting that achieve gain become western dimensions is the the biggest, most professional and the poineering investment grand meeting that poineering personnel needs most.
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